Hi! I’m Moni.

Half Human. Half Divine
Touching Lives. Changing Hearts

MultiGifted Woman

I strongly believe that every human has more extraordinary abilities in them to give to the world than they think. I believe that humans are multifaceted and can express the diversity of their gifts through multiple expressions. In simple terms, you can be a jack of many trades and a master of all. I believe that everyone can access extraordinary living. And as such my mission is to help people unlock the inner divine power that enables them to live an extraordinary life in their purpose and calling. My mandate is to touch lives and change hearts. And my ultimate goal is to ensure that the lives of everyone I have been called to unlock, nurture and serve are accounted for. My vision is to see a world where Africans can explore life without limits. I express my diverse gifts through different expressions of me.

Connoisseur of Extraordinary Living

At my core is the mandate to raise extraordinary – half human, half divine – people. The core of my message is around Extraordinary Living.  A life fueled by God’s divine power, lavished with His abundant provision, cultivated in His free spirited nature and lived in the consciousness of His freedom. As the Connoisseur of this future forward lifestyle, I present to you a fresh way to enjoy life without limits. Free of guilt and judgment yet living in the fullness of who you were created to be. I help you unlock the inner divine power that enables you to live extraordinarily. I elevate mindsets from ordinary to extraordinary. I show you a world that is bigger than your wildest dreams. I help you build the bridge that connects you from where you are to where you are going. I help you break the fears that limit you from stepping into a limitless life. Through learning experiences and events, I show you how to start your journey to extraordinary living in your life – spiritual, personal, career and business.

Elevate From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary

Be Empowered

Be Inspired